Types of raja yoga in horoscope

Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates — Panchang. When Ram Mandir will be constructed? Rahu Role in Progeny — Astrology Research. Amit Shah Birth Chart Analysis. Promise of Second Marriage in Horoscope. Suicide in Vedic Astrology. Medical Astrology and Rahu Ketu transit — Maitreya Muhurtham to By tamiljothidamtips Last updated Feb 3, Astrology says that Raj yoga is often a yoga and the gives the fortune of a king to the native that has this yoga in his kundli beginning chart.

Raj and Yoga. Raj yoga in astrological terminology signifies that a yoga which gives happiness like a king has.

Raja Yoga and other Yogas in Astrology

Raj yoga is shaped by the combination of auspicious planets in a kundli. Besides these the natural auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of planets also needs to be taken in to consideration. For Raj yoga exalted planets are required in Kendra house, exalted Venus within the destiny line, and relationships between navamsha and dashamsha is vital. The results of this growth will depend upon the relationships of other planets. Raj yoga is simply not shaped by any particular planet in a kundli however all planets are equally responsible for its formation.

Astrology says that Moon in its numerous placements has a huge impact upon the yoga. A debilitated Moon can change into a barrier for a planet mixture that has optimistic results.

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If the triangle or Kendra homes have the aspect of Venus or Jupiter then Raj yoga offers its full results, and that native will get happiness and the might be in contrast with the happiness of a king. Numerous types of Raj Yoga in a kundli Vipreet Raj Yoga in kundli A vipreet rajyog is shaped if the lord of the Trikha house is within the Trikha house or is in the place of creating mixture or aspect any situation. For instance if the lord of the eighth home is within the byaya home or in the sixth home and if the lord of the sixth house is in the eighth home, if the lord of the byaya house is in the sixth or eighth home then the side combination of the lords of the trikha house or a great relationship between them is alleged to be an outstanding yoga which supplies immense pleasure and prosperity to the native.

The native is blessed with king sized happiness. Kendra Trikon Raj yoga in kundli When a kundli has the mix of the Ascendant with the lord of the Kendra or triangle home then this Raj yoga is formed. In the Kendra and triangle houses goddess Lakshmi is the epitome of triangle and god Vishnu is the epitome of the Kendra house. This yoga provides an incredible fortune to its native. This Raj yoga gives wealth, fame and prosperity to the native.

If this native gets such post of authority in government through politics, he may become a minister in a state government. As a result, this native may get blessed with a post of very high authority in government. For instance, if this native enters politics, he may get blessed with the post of a minister in national government or he may become the chief minister of a state.

Vedic Astrology Research Portal: Secret of Raja Yoga in Vedic Astrology by Sourabh Soni

You see, how the entire horoscopes of all these four natives may look the same, which means all the planets in these horoscopes may be placed in the same houses as well as in the same signs, but the results may still be different. The reason for such different results experienced by these four natives having Vipreet Raj Yoga in their horoscopes is the level of activity of the lord of sixth house forming such Vipreet Raj Yoga, which decides the strength of this Yoga in their horoscopes.

It is easy to understand that whether good or bad in nature, a person or an organization is not capable of producing significant positive or negative results, if it is not active. Hence the level of activity is the second additional condition as well as the third condition for the formation of Vipreet Raj Yoga in a horoscope. Combining all these conditions, we can now draw the new definition for the formation of Vipreet Raj Yoga in a horoscope.

According to this modified definition, if the lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of a horoscope is placed in one of the other two houses in such horoscope, it is positive as well as active; Vipreet Raj Yoga is formed in the horoscope. Such Vipreet Raj Yoga can bless the native under its impact with many types of good results which may differ in type as well as in quantum, depending on the house of placement of this Yoga, strength of this Yoga as well as depending on the overall horoscope of the native under consideration.

Speaking about the overall horoscope, I have further noticed that the horoscopes in which the conditions for any type of Vipreet Raj Yoga are met and at the same time, the lord of ascendant meaning the lord of the first house of the horoscope is strong and it is benefic in nature, some other benefic planets are also strong and one or more than one of these planets are either casting strong influence on the planet forming Vipreet Raj Yoga in the horoscope or one or more than one of these planets are being influenced by the planet forming Vipreet Raj Yoga in the horoscope, strong benefic results may be experienced by the natives having such horoscopes.

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At the same time, if these planets are being supported by other positive planets in a horoscope, various types of benefic results similar to Dhan Yogas or Raj Yogas may be experienced by these natives. The quantum of these good results depends on the number of benefic planets in a horoscope, strength and nature of the lord of ascendant as well as the strength of other benefic planets in the horoscope, placement of these benefic planets in the horoscope and very importantly, the influence of these benefic planets on each other as well as the on the planet or planets forming Vipreet Raj Yoga.

You see, a horoscope is a complex pattern of various combinations of different positive and negative planets which may possess different strengths, which may possess different levels of activity and which may interact with each other in many possible ways. The net positive or negative results experienced by a native under consideration should only be predicted after carefully analyzing all these important aspects in a horoscope and the formation of Yogas like Vipreet Raj Yoga should not be predicted merely on the basis of placement of the lord of sixth, eighth or twelfth house of a horoscope in any one of the other two houses of the same horoscope.

If all the above mentioned additional conditions are met properly in a horoscope, the formation of such Vipreet Raj Yoga can actually give good, very good or great results to the native in various spheres of his life. However, if there are only a few benefic planets in a horoscope or if most of the benefic planets in a horoscope are either not strong, not well placed or they are not forming any strong relationship with each other as well as with the planet forming Vipreet Raj Yoga in the horoscope, the results of such Vipreet Raj Yoga are likely to be weak in nature.

It means that the native may not witness good results of high quantum though this Yoga may be present in his horoscope. Hence the overall theme of a horoscope is the most important factor in deciding the good or bad results of any good or bad Yoga in such horoscope. It should be understood that the formation of Vipreet Raj Yoga in a horoscope indicates gains through risky and adverse looking situations. Hence it is important for a native to have an overall strong and positive horoscope as otherwise, he may not be able to benefit through such adverse and risky circumstances.

For example, if a big social and political revolution is taking place in a country or in a geographical region, the natives having Vipreet Raj Yogas in their horoscopes are likely to benefit through these conditions. However, the natives with overall strong and positive horoscopes may witness the biggest gains like emerging as the leaders of the new worlds whereas the natives with weak horoscopes may not benefit much.

This is due to the reason that though Vipreet Raj Yoga may be present in their horoscopes also, they may be afraid of taking the necessary risks due to weak horoscopes, and they may miss out on the opportunities. On the other hand, the natives with strong horoscopes may take all the necessary risks, they may put themselves in dangers and they may come out as winners, achieving posts of high authority in the new setup of governments formed as the results of such revolutions.

enter site In easy language, the presence of any type of Vipreet Raj Yoga in a horoscope can provide sudden, profitable and at the same time risky or very risky opportunities to the native and a native with a strong or very strong horoscope may benefit from such opportunities whereas a native with a weak or very weak horoscope may miss out on such profitable but risky opportunities. This again asserts the fact that it is the overall strength and nature of a horoscope which decides whether or not a native can profit from a Vipreet Raj Yoga and hence it becomes a very important aspect in a horoscope.

On the other hand, if the lord of ascendant is weak in such horoscope, most of the planets signifying health, age, wealth, money, luck and authority are weak in the horoscope and they are not forming benefic relationships with each other, such Harsha Yoga may spell nothing much for the native as he may not have what it takes to benefit from these adverse looking circumstances. I have also observed that in some cases of Vipreet Raj Yoga, if the overall horoscopes are negative or weak, the natives may end up in losses instead of witnessing profits.

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This is due to the fact that these natives come across adverse and risky opportunities many times in their lives, but due to the overall negative horoscopes, these opportunities may not spell stable gains and they may spell temporary gains with bigger losses in the long run. For example, a native in an extreme case of such Vipreet Raj Yoga with overall negative or weak horoscope may get blessed with a big amount of wealth or even with a post of authority by means of an unusual inheritance or by means of a risky practice like a revolution.

However, due to the overall negative or weak horoscope, he may have to serve a prison sentence or he may even get murdered for such wealth or authority, shortly after gaining it. Can you remember some kings and political leaders from the history, who grabbed power in adverse circumstances through revolutions or through conspiracies? These are the ones who benefitted from Vipreet Raj Yogas.

RAJ YOGA in Astrology

The ones with strong and positive horoscopes were able to sustain such power whereas the ones with negative or weak horoscopes paid the price in form of prison sentences or they were murdered for the same power. Hence the overall horoscope of a native should be strong, benefic and capable of producing good results from such Vipreet Raj Yoga as well as capable of holding such good results in the long run. Only then a native can benefit from these opposite and adverse looking opportunities.

Since all the above mentioned combinations are hard to find in most horoscopes, the benefic or extremely benefic results given by Vipreet Raj Yoga are also limited only to a few horoscopes and this fact makes this Yoga, a rare and practical Yoga. Each and every type of good or bad Yoga mentioned in Vedic astrology is a rare to form Yoga and it is not something which will appear in every third horoscope. In the end, it should be noted that Vipreet RajYoga means a RajYoga blessing the native through Vipreet or adverse conditions.

This is not a usual type of RajYoga where the native may get top class results in usual ways. Hence the natives under the impact of Vipreet RajYoga are likely to face opportunities of gains through adverse circumstances. In order to win through such adverse situations, their overall horoscopes must be strong and supportive. Visit Our Blog: HimanshuShangari. Menu Skip to content AstrologerPanditJi.