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Pluto RX, in the 1st house, with 12th house, Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn will eventually trine Uranus and that leads back to, Venus, Mars and Mercury in Virgo, in the 8th house. A 9th house, Scorpio moon with Jupiter in Libra Money will exchange hands through the use of the law. Saturn and Pluto are trading places. Carefully detailed plans and agendas are kept hidden and behind closed doors.

Pluto energy is out in the open, Saturn works behind the scenes. Very Few astrologers have been writing about the lunar eclipse, happening on August 7, I have had a few requests for more information. I hope this will help. Check your own natal chart for comparison.

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A very assertive placement. You will be driven to act. Keep in mind, the placement of Mercury. The message of this lunar eclipse will be very direct and clear. Neptune is sleeping, lucky for us because, Leo will want to communicate to Aquarius. The Moon in Aquarius is an individual, in its own way. Just not exactly the Leo way.

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Please see below for more insight. You will most certainly be returning to any issues at a later date. The RX planets are a redo of previous circumstances. You will want to compare each planet in the eclipse chart with your own natal, progressed, solar arc chart. Take note of the life changing events. Only you know your life history and if you take the time to review your life, the math of astrology will help you discover the answers.

Mars in Leo is ready to act boldly. With so many planets, in retrograde motion, you may run into obstacles, trying to complete the task quickly. So be prepared for some long-term changes. The pace of completion will move slowly, even Pluto is Rx. This Full Moon Eclipse, is the completion of the last chapter of a very long book with the chapter title of "ME". It will be about endings. You can do this and your Leo voice will remind you everyday that you can.

Leo is the Boss or maybe in this case, its Aquarius? Doing it "My Way" with Rhinestones. Here are some videos that will help you understand the feel of this. The individual versus the group. Endings will happen with this eclipse. These endings will make way for the New Moon eclipse on August 21, The key word is demonstration. When positive, the degree is an irresistible heightening of self-Significance across the whole face of experience, and when negative, unconvincing claims and embarrassing self-assertion. The key word is affirmation. When positive, the degree is self-consistency which wins an absolute loyalty and a complete cooperation, and when negative, unreasoning jealousy.

A Full Moon Eclipse is about endings A lunar eclipse is something we feel on an internal level. I tried to really think about how the Moon would make a person feel.

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Key of this polarity is personal ego and drive versus individual, humanitarian cooperation. Example: Full Moon Personal confrontation with others in marriage or business partnerships. Please note: Final Winning Charts were sent to members only! The time on the chart reflects the 1st action of play. Game 7 will be posted shortly with astrological highlights. Game 5.

Game 4. Game 3.

This solar eclipse has 7 planets in mutable signs, the energy is adaptable and uncertain. Mutable topics cover, travel, trade, distribution, Virgo , accountants, efficiency experts, librarians, those with organizational skills, civil service employees, healthcare, doctors, doctors office, medical professions, and the working class, working classes in general.


Sagittarius , judicial system courts, law, religion, higher education, publishing, sportsman, horses, travel, transportation systems. Pisces, actors, places of entertainment, bartenders, gasoline and service stations drugs, hospitals, charitable institutions, large organizations, places overflowed with water, rivers, lakes, occupations connected with water.

This solar eclipse will impact the second fifth and eighth house in this eclipse chart. This chart reinforces the financial problems that Chicago is currently having. Revenue from taxes is not adequate to meet the needs of the budget. Large Banks and financial institutions will be at odds with the Mayor and the Governor, to generate new revenue.

Perhaps we will see new taxes and fees placed upon the Medical Industry and Healthcare in general. Perhaps on horse racing Lets take a look at the houses impacted from a Mundane Astrological point of view; Jupiter spent an entire year in Virgo, the sign of the accountant. Saturn, How the public feels , will prevent either party from winning the Tug of War.

Because, Saturn is in Sagittarius, the judicial system will decide the outcome. With Pluto the planet of organized crime in Capricorn, the home of Saturn, one can only hope it is a fair outcome. Once Jupiter moves into Libra, the Judicial system will have more of a Focus.

The North Node Square with Saturn will want a resolution. Review the key words posted above.


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These areas will be the focus. For the sake of astrology, I have mentioned it. Another, Anthony Weiner texting Scandal. The impact of an Eclipse to Natal Uranus.

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Once again his photos are on display via the world wide Web. Queen Rania Al-Yasin, will be a Royal figure to watch, in the coming 6 months. She was born within the time window of a Solar Eclipse and I would predict under normal circumstances, that she would begin a new level of responsibility.

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Without a birth time it is quite difficult to know where this new beginning will occur.